Mumbai: Wall spikes pierce man's body, he lives to tell tale

Mar 09, 2015, 13:42 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Anand Ghadge (29) slipped from a tree he had climbed and fell onto iron spikes on a compound wall near it, puncturing his gall bladder and liver, and fracturing a vertebra; two surgeries later, he is now stable

A labourer in Goregaon had a miraculous escape after he fell off a tree and was impaled by the sharp spikes on a wall next to it. The man suffered a punctured gall bladder and liver, and fractured a vertebra but survived to tell the tale as was rushed to a hospital on time.

The wall on which Ghadge fell. Two of the spikes, which had pierced him, had to be cut off to take him to the hospital
The wall on which Ghadge fell. Two of the spikes, which had pierced him, had to be cut off to take him to the hospital

The incident occurred on February 27, when Anand Ghadge (29), a daily wage labourer, had climbed a tree in Pandurangwadi, Goregaon (East). Ghadge said he had clambered up the tree to take some leaves from it, and slipped and lost his footing.

He fell onto the sharp iron spikes on the compound wall of Hirkani building near the tree, two of which pierced him. Some locals informed the Vanrai police, who took him to KEM Hospital.

Ramdas Choudhari, senior police inspector, Vanrai police station, said, “We don’t know why he had climbed the tree, but we were told about the incident. We immediately rushed him to KEM Hospital.”

Lucky escape
The rods were cut off from the wall and Ghadge was brought to KEM with the iron pieces still in his body. One had gone through his abdomen and punctured his gall bladder and liver, and the other had fractured his vertebra.

Dr Avinash Supe, dean, KEM Hospital, said, “While one of the iron rods pierced his gall bladder and liver, the other fractured his spine. We performed the first surgery on the day of his admission to remove the rods surgically and treat the injuries to his internal organs. The second one was performed two days later, to treat his spine.”

Dr Supe added that Ghadge managed to survive because the rods did not injure his spinal cord. While sources alleged that Ghadge might have climbed the tree with an intention to steal from the nearby building, he dismissed these allegations.

“I had only climbed to take some leaves when my leg slipped and I fell. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but when I opened my eyes I was already in hospital. There is nobody from my family here in Mumbai,” said Ghadge. Medical staff of the hospital confirmed that Ghadge has had no visitors since his admission in the facility.

Though Ghadge is stable, he will now be shifted to KEM hospital’s orthopaedic department for further treatment of his vertebra fracture, due to which he is also feeling some numbness in his legs.

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