Mumbai: Went to fix pipeline, found 3 more leaks, 40 illegal connections

Mar 29, 2016, 08:07 IST | Shailesh Bhatia

After mid-day’s report on a burst pipeline gushing out thousands of litres of water, the authorities not only fixed it but identified other leaks and illegal connections

Over two weeks after mid-day reported that thousands of litres of water was being wasted every day since the past 1.5 months from a burst water pipeline near the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, the authorities have not only managed to seal the puncture but also, in the process, identified, three other major leaks and over 40 illegal water connections.

On March 11, mid-day had reported that a pipeline was spewing a jet of water as high as 20 feet up, finally gushing into the nearby gutter. It was a criminal waste of water since the country is reeling under the impact of three failed monsoons and 16,800 villages in Maharashtra itself are currently drought affected.

Aarey CEO Gajanan Raut, who had made repeated attempts at sealing the fractured pipeline, was earlier gheraoed by a mob of over a 100 local residents from the slums of Keltipada and Teja ka Pada, behind the Salaskar Garden, when his team had arrived to repair the damage done by anti-social elements, who were using the space as an open air bar.

“After mid-day reported on the matter, which brought the leakage issue, to my knowledge, my team was instructed to keep a strict vigil on the notorious spot near the Green Fields bus stop on JVLR, where the major leak was first discovered. They were further instructed to scrutinize the entire 5-km stretch of the pipeline from Powai Lake till its final destination in Aarey dairy quarters and cattle sheds. We discovered three other spots, where the pileline was punctured by locals, which too were repaired and over 40 illegal connections on which we are currently taking action,” said Raut.

The leak was plugged and secured using cement and iron mesh covering. The vigilance efforts have to be maintained as we don’t know when the miscreants will be beack to their mischief, added Rane.

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