Mumbai: With reevaluation results still not in sight, law students plan on reexamination

Apr 06, 2016, 09:18 IST | Pallavi Smart

Students who have asked for photocopies of answer-sheets are also waiting for them; Some say they will reappear for the papers

The examinations are approaching, yet some students of Mumbai University (MU) are waiting for reevaluation results and photocopies of answer-sheets. This time, many students from third year of Bachelor of Law (LLB) are complaining that their reevaluation result has not been declared even as the reexamination date is fast approaching. Students who have applied for photocopies to be able to apply for reevaluation, are also waiting for them while the examination begins on April 12.

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The semester V examination of the course was conducted in November 2015 and results were declared in the month of January. Soon after the results, students who failed applied for reevaluation, and those who scored lower than 17 (which is the score to make them eligible for reevaluation) applied for photocopies of their answer-sheet, because they were certain about clearing the paper. But it has been almost two months since then and students are awaiting a response from the university. As the examination is soon approaching it has triggered panic among students.

A student from New Law College said, “I was not expecting to fail in any subject and so was shocked when I got only 11 marks. This was impossible. I was sure that the reevaluation would show different results. But I could not apply for reevaluation because my score is low. Hence I applied for photocopies so that I could see the evaluation and then challenge it. But I have not received photocopies yet. Now there is no time to apply for revaluation even if I receive the photocopies, because by the time the reevaluation results will be out, the re-examination will be over. So I will have to reappear for the reexamination.”

A student from Ambedkar Law College, who has also applied for the photocopy of an answer-sheet said, “If we had managed to acquire the photocopy of the answer-sheet we could prove how the evaluation has errors. But there is no way of doing it now. We will have to reappear for the paper. This is just so stressful and frustrating. The financial burden is another thing.”

Talking about the chaos, Sachin Pawar, President of the Law Students’ Council, said, “This is the story every year. What is the point of giving reevaluation results after the reexamination? The candidate pays for photocopies, then there is reevaluation and after all that, when the result is not given on time, there is the re-examination fee. There are so many students who prefer to appear for re-examination then getting into the struggle for reevaluation, because it is never on time and is a waste of money.”

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When contacted, Dr Rashmi Oza, Head of the Department of Law at Mumbai University, said, “The evaluation and moderation is being done properly. But sometimes there are some issues as there are so many people involved in the process. The department does not receive photocopies in bulk, so as and when we get them from colleges we forward them to students.”

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