Mumbai woes: Who is scrawling 92 on Malwani walls?

Mar 26, 2014, 11:43 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

A miscreant has painted the number 92 across several houses in Malad (w), leaving residents wondering if it’s a hidden message intended to stir up tension in the area

Residents of Malwani in Malad (W) are spending sleepless nights after an unidentified miscreant scrawled the number ‘92’ on a number of closed shutters and walls in the night over the weekend.

The number 92 appeared on several walls, doors and shutters in Malwani on Friday morning
The number 92 appeared on several walls, doors and shutters in Malwani on Friday morning

Residents of the area said that oil painted words have left them bewildered, following which they approached the local police station asking them to investigate the matter, fearing it’s a hidden message.

On Friday morning, residents of Malwani gate number 7 woke up to find their doors and walls defaced with graffiti. Residents said nearly 15 walls and shop shutters had ‘92’ written on them, and at some places, the words ‘Boss 92’ and ‘I love you 92’ were also scribbled.

“Initially, we thought it to be a prank by the children residing in the area. We ignored it and washed away the paint,” said Mohammad Khurshid Sheikh, a resident from the area who later lodged a police complaint in this regard.

The next day, however, the same words reappeared on the walls, leaving the residents annoyed and bemused. “We were shocked when we saw the same words the following morning.

We called a meeting among the residents, and began to treat the matter seriously as we thought someone might be sending a cryptic message to create tension in our locality,” said Lala Pathan, another resident from the area.

“At the meeting, we decided to keep a watch the entire night,” said another resident Yusuf Ali. Nothing untoward took place that night, but the following morning residents were shocked to see the paintings reappear again.

“We were shocked to find the same words scribbled on the walls again. We realised that the miscreant was keeping a watch on us and hence, decided to approach the local police station for their help,” added Sheikh.

A senior police officer from Malvani police station said, “We have registered a case, but it is very strange as there is no motive for the person to paint the walls.

We have assured the residents that we will increase patrolling in the area and have formed a special team for the same. We have also requested residents to keep a proper watch in the area. Their assistance will help us to crack the mysterious case.”

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