Mumbai: Woman's body found a week after she committed suicide

Jun 01, 2016, 08:40 IST | Samiullah Khan

Malad police sources said the woman, Cindy C Daniels, had been staying alone in the rented house at Orlem. According to her brother she was fed up of her husband for allegedly having extra-marital affairs

A 35-year-old woman who committed suicide was discovered over a week later on Saturday, when her landlord informed the police. Malad police sources said the woman, Cindy C Daniels, had been staying alone in the rented house at Orlem, Malad west.

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Cindy with husband Calaid Daniels
Cindy with husband Calaid Daniels

On Saturday the landlord informed the police that he had been visiting the house since past few days but there was no response. The police and fire brigade personnel forced the door open and found Cindy’s body hanging from the fan.

“It appeared that she had hung herself about eight days ago,” said an officer from Malad police station.

The officials said Cindy had left a suicide note stating she was in a financial crisis and could not handle it anymore. “I am willfully taking this step and no one is to be blamed for this. I have not proved to be a good wife, daughter and sister, and though I have been strong I cannot bear this anymore,” it said.

‘Selling a kidney’
The police informed her mother and brother who stay in Hyderabad. According to her brother Jai Prakash Khanka, Cindy was fed up of her husband Calaid and his extra-marital affairs. He also claimed that Calaid used to get his girlfriends home and abused and assaulted Cindy often.

According to Jai Prakash, Cindy had contacted an agent to sell one of her kidneys for Rs 5.5 lakh to pay back loans, which she had taken from various people and close friends. The agent asked her to pay his commission of Rs 1 lakh. Cindy borrowed the money from her family. The agent, however, cheated her and disappeared with the money.

“My sister had asked for some money. I transferred it in her bank account. She had told me that her financial condition was not stable. On April 24 she sent me a message saying, “Anna, I took the money from you because I had to pay advance money to sell my kidney, and now those people have cheated me, they are not answering my call. Don’t know what to do, I am very scared. I feel like killing myself. Sorry Anna, feeling very disturbed,” said Jai Prakash.

He added, “I asked Cindy to come to Hyderabad and she promised to come on May 2. Till May 3, I was in touch with her through SMS.”

According to Jai Prakash, Cindy alias Madhavi, met Calaid Daniels in Hyderabad in the year 2011. He claimed after Calaid’s assurance of a good job, Cindy quit her job and came to Mumbai. They got married in 2012. However, he claimed after two years Calaid started harassing her. He also claimed Calaid was unemployed. Jai Prakash asked the Malad police to register a case of abetment to suicide against Calaid.

“During a house search we found a suicide note in which Cindy has stated that she was in a serious financial crisis and could not handle the situation anymore. She has said she is willfully taking the step, no one is to be blamed for this. Initially we registered an ADR. Further enquiry is on, we will take proper action,” said an officer from Malad Police station.

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Calaid claimed Cindy wanted to break up with him, but he did not want to break up with her. However, he moved out on March 4 and claims he gave her money for deposit and two months rent in advance for the place at Eugene society.

He said, “From April 23 she stopped all communication with me. Probably, because I was unemployed. After that I began to get calls from my friends that she was avoiding their calls. Apparently she had borrowed money from them and hadn’t returned it. I also got a call from her landlord saying she had not paid him. On May 6, I went to the Malad police station to tell them about this. But they said we should settle the matter ourselves. On May 9, I sent a written complaint by post to them asking for an enquiry into her actions.”

Calaid also denied all her brother’s allegations including the fact that he beat her up and that he had extra marital affairs.

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