Mumbai: Woman scares cops, wreaks havoc in court for two hours

Apr 03, 2015, 06:42 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Jyoti Kadam, a history-sheeter who had been externed from the area, reached Bhoiwada holiday court around noon, began hurling abuses at anyone she saw, and even beat up a man

A 34-year-old woman wreaked havoc at the Bhoiwada holiday court with her loutish behaviour hurling abuses at everyone she saw and even beating up a man and single-handedly fended off four police officers, who were trying to restrain her, for nearly two hours yesterday.

Jyoti was booked for abusing on-duty officers and for bad behaviour
Jyoti was booked for abusing on-duty officers and for bad behaviour

The woman, Jyoti Kadam (name changed), is a history-sheeter with as many as 32 cases registered against her for theft and abusive behaviour. A housewife from BDD Chawl in Naigaon, Jyoti had been externed from the Bhoiwada area by the local police station years ago, but residents told mid-day that the externment had never deterred her, just like it didn’t yesterday.

Drama begins
Clad in a maxi, Jyoti reached the Bhoiwada holiday court around noon and, as soon as she reached the premises, began shouting and hurling abuses at any person she saw. Four police officers two men and two women tried to get her to stop, but to no avail.

“We know her well because she has been in trouble several times in the past and we had even externed her from the area. We tried to get her to stop behaving that way, but she refused to stop. She then sat on the ground and just would not budge.

We were hesitant to use force, because she is HIV-positive and bites people when they come too close,” said a police officer from Bhoiwada police station, who was at the spot. When Jyoti sat on the ground, the police officials surrounded her and tried to get her to calm down and leave the court premises, but she did not budge.

Jyoti spotted a man trying to film her and flew into a rage. She rushed to where the man was and began hurling abuses at him for daring to photograph her. The expletive-laden outburst went on for nearly 15 minutes, during which she even hit the man several times, despite the cops trying to restrain her.

She then stripped partially and said, “If you want to film me, do it like this.” While this was going on, Jyoti went near the door of the courtroom several times and complained loudly to the judge about people filming her and behaving badly with her.

Fed up of the court proceedings being disturbed, the judge decided to retire to his chambers and refused to come back until the situation was brought under control around 10 minutes later.

Around 1.30 pm an hour and a half after the drama began the police officials finally managed to escort Jyoti out of the court premises, only to see her return 15 minutes later. As soon as she got back, she began behaving boorishly again.

Ten-odd minutes after she returned, Jyoti went and sat next to a man, prompting his 10-year-old daughter to go running to fetch her mother, who was sitting outside the court premises. The mother rushed to where her husband was and escorted him away to prevent him from being targeted by Jyoti.

Charged again
A police van was finally called to the court and the female police officers bundled Jyoti into it and took her to Bhoiwada police station around 2 pm. An advocate who lives in Bhoiwada said, “Jyoti is a history-sheeter and has been known to the police for 8-10 years. She was even externed by the Bhoiwada police, but she keeps coming to the area. The way she disturbed the court today, however, was just unbearable.”

Cop speak
A policeman from Bhoiwada police station said, “She has nearly 32 cases registered against her in various police stations for theft and bad behavior. Some time back, she had abused a lady officer at Matunga police station and was arrested for the same.”

When mid-day asked him why she was still allowed to come to the area, the official said, “Her HIV treatment is on in a clinic here and, thus, we did not take action so far. We have registered a case against her for yesterday’s incident as she abused on-duty officers, and also for her bad behaviour.”

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