Mumbai: Woman strangles ex's wife, slits her throat, hides body in sofa

Feb 13, 2015, 06:48 IST | Shirish Vaktania

The 22-year-old also hit the woman with an iron rod, just to make sure she was dead, she then stuffed the body inside a sofa-cum-bed and sat on it for three hours

A four-month pregnant housewife was strangulated to death by her husband’s ex-girlfriend. According to the police, unsure whether she was successful in killing the woman, the accused slit her throat and hit her with an iron rod, before hiding the body inside a sofa for three hours.

Preeti and Prashant Bhagekar
Preeti and Prashant Bhagekar

The accused, identified as Ujwala Veer (22), is a fashion designer and resident of Kajupada at Dahisar (East). Police said that Ujwala had an affair with her neighbour, Prashant Bhagekar, before he married Preeti five years back.

Prashant, who works as a driver for a call centre, had lent Ujwala around Rs 20,000 a few months ago, and was regularly in touch with her. Unhappy with the loan and their apparent friendship, Preeti had started demanding the money from Ujwala, and would warn her to stay away from her husband.

On Wednesday afternoon, the accused called Preeti and asked to meet her at Kajupada bus stop. When she reached the place, Ujwala told her to come to her house, where she would give her the money.

The murder
Ujwala stays with her mother, who is paralysed, and her father, who was not at home at the time of the incident. When the duo reached the house, at around 3.30 pm, the accused started beating Preeti and strangulated her using a rope.

Ujwala was not sure if she was successful in killing her, and she choked Preeti again, this time using her hands. Still, uncertain, however, Ujwala then used a blade to slit her throat and hit her head with an iron rod.

Finally, when she was certain that Preeti was dead, she stuffed the dead body inside the sofa-cum-bed in her living room, and cleaned up the blood on the floor. For the next three hours, she sat on the sofa with the door closed.

Around 7.30 pm, Prashant’s sister reached Ujwala’s place to ask about Preeti’s whereabouts. When she opened the door, she saw blood marks on the floor and asked Ujwala about it. The accused did not respond, nor did she leave the sofa and asked her to leave. Suspicious, Prashant’s sister decided to call the police.

Meanwhile, Ujwala decided to concoct a story. She slashed her arm with a knife and went to Prashant’s house. She told him that a tall man entered her home forcefully, and attacked her and his wife with a knife. Prashant took Ujwala to the nearby doctor for treatment and then went to her house to check on his wife.

However, by then Prashant’s sister had already called the police and informed them about the blood that she saw at Ujwala’s house. Dahisar Police reached the spot and found Preeti’s body inside the sofa. Ujwala was arrested and will be produced in court today. Cops have also detained Prashant as they suspect he may be involved in the murder as well.

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