Mumbai: 22-year-old in custody after teenage girl goes missing

Apr 27, 2013, 07:13 IST | Sagar Rajput

The 16-year-old girl had stepped out of her house after dinner on Monday for a walk, and didn't return; police have arrested the accused after the family blamed him of harassing her

Five days after their daughter stepped out for an after-dinner walk and didn’t return, the distraught family of a 16-year-old girl have begun to fear the worst. Kadisa Altaf Kazi, resident of V B Nagar, Kurla (W) left her home at 9.30 pm on Monday for her daily walk and went missing after that.

The Kazi family are clinging to the hope that their 16-year-old daughter Kadisa will return home soon

Police are treating it as a case of abduction, after the girl’s family alleged that a 22-year-old boy who is employed at a shop in the area had designs on her. Based on the family’s testimony, police arrested Manoj Maheshwar Paswan on April 23 and presented him in court.

The girl’s mother Nasim said, “Kadisa had her dinner, made her bed in preparation to sleep and went out for a walk. Taking a walk with her younger sister after dinner was her daily routine. But on Monday night, her sister Aisha didn’t accompany her as she was unwell.” She added, “Our neighbour last saw Kadisa at 9.50 pm. Since Kadisa took longer than usual to return, I called out to her 10.15 pm. But there was no response from her. We got worried and started looking for her at 10.45 pm.”

Later, Aisha informed her parents that a boy working in a nearby shop would constantly harass Kadisa, passing comments whenever he saw her. Nasim said, “We started tracing this boy, and landed up at his work place. We enquired with the shop owner when the boy had left the shop on Monday. He said that the boy had stepped out at 7 pm. We saw the boy loitering in the area, accosted him asked him what time he had left the shop on Monday. We realised that something was fishy as soon as he said he had left at 9 pm, two hours later than the hour mentioned by his boss. We immediately took him to V B Nagar police station.”

The police arrested him and under Section 363 (kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code. As the news spread, a man working at a nearby shop approached them and told them that he had seen the girl on Tuesday at 11.30 am, but was unaware she had been reported missing. Nasim said, “The man said that my daughter was tottering, and wasn’t walking properly. I just hope that these goons haven’t done anything to my daughter.”
Family members believe that the accused has confined the girl with the help of his friends. No demands have been made for ransom yet.

Senior Police Inspector Subhash Balkrishna Raut from V B Nagar police station said, “We are investigating the matter. We are certain that the girl is not in our jurisdiction, as we have searched the entire area. We hope to find her soon.” After police custody ended, the accused was presented before a court on April 24, and was remanded in judicial custody.  

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