Mumbai youngsters make wish list for Modi

May 20, 2014, 09:01 IST | Maleeva Rebello

Young, aspirational Mumbai rolls out its wish list for India’s new Prime Minister. Are you listening, Mr. Modi?

It is dial Y for youth, as the young and the restless speak out about their hopes for the new government. With India’s man of the moment, Narendra Modi set to be sworn in soon, Mumbai’s Gen Next is pushing for change and saying that NaMo must make good on his promises.

Development dive
For 21-year-old Kaustubh Pawar, a Chembur resident Modi as PM means new hope. He says, “I want Modi to create more employment and create jobs for both the educated as well as the uneducated in the country.

Prices of essential commodities should become affordable for the common man. Under the Congress rule, the country has been left in shambles; it is time for Modi to clean up all the mess.”

Jasprett Kaur, 23, an Andheri resident says, “I feel this election was actually historic and revolutionary in the true sense. As a first time voter, I voted for change and am happy to see that it has finally come.

Modi is a very dynamic leader and the future looks good for India. Health care and women’s safety are pressing concerns and I am confident that Modi will solve these.”

Adding corruption to the list, Fraser Rodrigues from Andheri says, “There is a lot of corruption in India and hopefully, Modi will end it. Everyone should get basic rights and rapists should be severely punished. Modi will now have to walk the talk.”

Godhra shadow
The SSC student goes on to add, “I was unable to vote as I am not yet 18, but my parents voted I am unsure who they voted for but as someone who follows politics, I am hoping Modi will treat people of all religions equally and promote peace in the country.”

Agreeing with Rodrigues, Fatima Khan, a resident of Vikhroli, 28, a teacher by profession says, “Now that he has become the Prime Minister of India. This slogan ab ki bar Modi sarkar has translated into reality.

Though there is some trepidation, his campaign and address to Muslims all over the country during the campaigning has offered hope and perhaps that can be seen as the top reason for this astounding win for the BJP in India. I am hoping that Hindus and Muslims are treated equally in Modi-fied India.”

Gurmeet Singh, 20, a resident of Colaba says, “Many minorities have chosen to look beyond the Gujarat riots towards development and an end to corruption and so Modi has managed to get my vote and my friends voted for him too. I think he will bring many changes to India, starting with better infrastructure which in my view is the need of the hour.”

Winds of change
Ajay Mandle, 29, a Navi Mumbai resident feels Modi’s positive attitude is what has helped him gain the confidence of the voters. He says, “I am sure inflation issues and rupee woes will all end with Modi at the helm.

He is a decisive leader and has a great attitude which helps him make the impossible possible. If he could turn around Gujarat, I am confident India will also soon see many changes towards progress.”

Confident that Narendra Modi will bring good things to India, Navneet Rana, 23 says, “Modi is a one man army and the sweeping victory was due to him more than any other factor.

I have many friends in Gujarat and they have told me great things about the development there. India will see some great changes too, in my opinion. I hope Modi spearheads slum redevelopment and zero corruption.”

Aarti Pandit, 19, a first time voter from Juhu says, “Change is always good. I am hoping that women are safer in Modi’s India; the police force should be made stronger and stringent laws should deter criminals.”

Price pinch
Architecture student Kunal Kapoor, 22, from Borivali who enjoys riding his bike says, “I know Modi will do what he has promised and we don’t need to ask him or demand things from him. But one thing I hope he does is to reduce the price of petrol and diesel. The prices have reached sky-high level.

Also, as someone who will be looking for a job soon, I hope he creates more jobs and improves the employment scene.” Deven Arora, 26, a Kandivali resident feels Narendra Modi is the best choice that India has made. He says, “Now that Modi is PM, I am confident he will relax taxes.

I am also hopeful that he will bring back the black money from Swiss Banks, as well as, take a strong stand against terrorism. I was thrilled when the results were out, as my vote has helped give India a decisive leader.”

While Sudha Sharma, 18 is sure Narendra Modi will bring positive changes she is also sceptical. The college student says, “The price issue is more complex than it seems. As a student of Economics, I am confident that managing to balance the economy and checking prices is a tough ask.

“It will be interesting to see how Modi handles the situation given that Manmohan Singh who was an economist was having trouble. The Gujarat model’s success means that Modi has a good track record, but whether he be able to do a Gujarat with India is yet to be seen. The next two to three years are his real test. He has promised a lot; let’s see if he can deliver.”

Women’s concerns
Dazy Verma, 22, is hoping Modi brings about women’s empowerment. The media professional says, “In the wake of rapes against women in the past few years, as a woman I have been scared to get out on the roads on a number of occasions.

Since, Modi has spoken about addressing the concerns of women; I am hoping to see strict action taken against those who commit these crimes.” Urmila Manik, 28, a Political Science lecturer raises concerns as she says, “Modi and his wife do not share a great equation.

For him to understand the concerns of women may be difficult. I follow politics closely as I teach the subject in college. I hope he looks into better policing and security of women in not just cities but also towns and villages.”

Rabiya Nullwalla, 16 says, “The Right-wing ideology and Modi’s Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) connections scare me as a Muslim woman in Mumbai. During the riots, we lost a few family members; my family and I pray and hope that Modi delivers what he has promised us in his speeches, irrespective of religion.”

Modi mania
While some have doubts, there are those who believe that Modi can do no wrong and is as close to perfect as any man can come. One such Modi fan is Yash Savla, 22, a Dahisar resident who says, “Modi will reduce taxes, corruption and stabalise the sliding rupee.

I am sure that he will also improve the police force and the security within India. In one of his speeches, he said that he would put all corrupt politicians in jail, irrespective of whether they are from his party or the opposition. Now that he is PM, I look forward to him doing that.”

Hussain Electricwala, 27, adds, “As Modi moves from handling a state to his role as PM, he has the nation to look after. I am hoping he follows a system of opinion polls and asks people their views before he makes any decision.”

Bandra resident, Rohan Raman, 25 says, “Now that Narendra Modi is the PM with the majority in Parliament hopefully, all bills will be passed with ease. As a nation we have put our trust in him and the NDA government, so hopefully he will be a man of action.

Manmohan Singh was seen as a weak PM, but Modi is different, he is outspoken and decisive, the perfect man that India needs at the moment,” ends Raman rounding off the wishes of those that comprise the future.

Top demands

>> Reduced taxes
>> End corruption
>> Safety
>> Better infrastructure
>> Stable economy
>> Lower prices

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