Mumbaikars inconvenienced as technical snags delay suburban train services

Aug 26, 2014, 20:32 IST | A Correspondent

Mumbaikars travelling on the central line had to suffer after a technical snag disrupted services during evening peak hour on Tuesday 

Suburban railway services on the Central line were hit during peak hours on Tuesday evening with trains running late by more than 10-15 minutes.

The delay and inconvenience caused to the commuters was due to a overhead wire snapping between near Vidyavihar station.

Train services on the fast line going towards Thane were running late by 10-15 minutes due to diversion of trains from the fast to slow track between Matunga and Mulund railway stations.

At around 7.40 pm, the overhead wire snapping near Vidyavihar station led to trains stalling and the resultant bunching of trains behind it caused the delay.

Spokesperson for CR, AK Singh said, "It was rectified at 7.53 pm and because of this a Thane-bound train was held up."

Earlier in the morning, train services on Western Railway also went for a toss when a Virar-Churchgate fast local experienced technical problems between Matunga and Mahim railway station. The incident occured at around 9.20 am or so as soon as the train crossed Mahim station.

"There was a technical issue, which led to bunching of trains. It was for merely 10-12 minutes," said WR spokesperson G Mahatpurkar. The problem, termed ‘pressure trouble’, is likely related to the braking system.

However, commuters complained that the delay was much more thant that stated by the authorities. "Announcement was made after 10 minutes that there was some technical problem and it would take some time to resume services. However, the train did not move in next 45 minutes," said Bernard Carrasco who was travelling in the same train from Andheri.

After waiting for more than 40 minutes, almost all passengers climbed down from the train and walked on the tracks towards Matunga or Mahim. People complained that as it was near the slums, there was garbage on the tracks as also people had defecated on them. Trains were running late by more than 20 minutes as services struggled to normalise by afternoon.

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