Mumbaikars tweet on the heavy downpour

Jul 13, 2013, 06:00 IST | MiD DAY Team

As it rained cats and dogs, citizens took to Twitter to voice their displeasure

Dear Mother Nature. We are not mushrooms! We do not thrive well in dark, damp places. We are humans & we need SUNLIGHT!

wha wha railway done good job

Repair the sky mumbaiwala God! Its leaking all over!!

Trains running late ..... Will we see repeat of 1st June ?

#Mumbairain please take a break for few days...tired of heavy traffic jams and reaching office completely drenched!

If some of this rain water was harvested, we wouldn't face as many crippling water shortages

Hmm. It seems the rain Gods are on a mission. Insane downpour!

Fast train packed to the brim. It'd be like a shower to stand at the door of that train

My favourite Mumbai rain song has got to be "HELPPP HELPPP MY WHOLE FAMILY'S UNDER THIS WALL AND THE BMC DOESN'T CARE!!!!". Catchy.

Even as you read this, a million potholes are taking birth on Mumbai streets. Expect jams tomorrow (as well)

Yayay. That Mumbai rain I was missing is finally here! The kind that soaks you through in 10 seconds!

Only so much #rain n d city goes mad! Half n hr to cross 2kms in #thane .. Believe it's gonna be a loooong drive to work :(

Bang opposite churchgate station. This tree fell as I was walking. Maharishi karve road.

Raining like kittens & "puppies" 

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