Mumbra building collapse: 12-member family survives, but little left to look forward to

Jun 27, 2013, 06:28 IST | Maithili Vaze

Though sheer luck saved the family who lived on the second floor of the Smruti building that collapsed last week in Mumbra, their future appears grim

The Farooqui family lived on the second floor of the Smruti building in Mumbra. While, all the elders and six children of the family are safe, young Rehan Jhilani Farooqui (7) was buried alive under the pile of debris. Amongst those who survived the ordeal are Rehan’s parents - Jhilani Rabbani Farooqui (34), Taskeem Jhilani Farooqui (31), his siblings - Noor Fatema Farooqui (9), Umar Jhilani Farooqui (1).

Though twelve members of his family survived, Jhilani Rabbani Farooqui lost his seven-year-old son, Rehan in the incident after he was buried alive under the rubble

Rehan’s uncle, Mohammad Haqqani Rabbani Farooqui (32) said, “I was on night shift at work when the incident took pace. I got a call around 2.30 am but I couldn’t receive it. When I checked my phone later I had six missed calls. I immediately reached my home; thankfully by the time the rest of the family had managed to escape.”

Rehan’s father Jhilani Farooqui was sleeping with his family members in the living room when he saw a wall come down. He immediately tried moving the others to a safer place but his son Rehan got trapped. His aunt, Rizwana Haqqani Farooqui was sleeping in the kitchen with her two children, when a slab collapsed on her head and she started bleeding. However, despite the injury she managed to escape with her children including a seven-month old baby in tow. Others escaped with minor injuries.

Two of the children in the family - Jhilan Farooqui (1) and Aman Farooqui (8) who suffered injuries are still recuperating at Shivaji Hospital. Ahmed Farooqui, a family member said, “We don’t have a single penny left. We have lost everything. The only thing that we have is just one pair of clothes that we had worn on that fateful day. We are currently living at our friend’s place, as they are not in town. But once they return this week, we will be forced to start all over again.”

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