Mumbra building collapse: How an illegal building came down like a pack of cards

Apr 06, 2013, 10:00 IST | A Correspondent

A group of labourers were working on the eighth floor of the building when the structure collapsed

Work in progress
According to authorities, the floor was being constructed illegally and the builder had no permission to extend the structure. Labourers were lucky to survive with injuries in the mishap.

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Graphic/Amit Bandre

Flat on 2nd floor
A tuition class was being conducted in a flat on the second floor of the building. Several children from the ill-fated building as well as the adjacent building had assembled in the room for their daily tuition. The class was in progress when the building collapsed. Four-year-old Iqra Khan, a resident of the adjacent building, had gone to the class and as she did not find the teacher, she decided to return home.

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Ground floor
A shop on the ground floor of the building doubled up as a store room and workshop for a cloth manufacturer. At the time of the mishap, several workers and staff were present in the shop and were buried in the debris

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Dangerous tilt
The collapsed building has caused a dangerous tilt in the adjacent building as well. The structure is considered dangerous and the residents have vacated the building in fear of a mishap

Illegal building
Heavy drilling machinery had been put to work, as the builder was laying the foundation of a third building in the compund. The vibrations from the heavy drilling caused the building to collapse

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