Mumbra building collapse: Survivors lose valuables

Jun 23, 2013, 05:45 IST | Richa Pinto

Search through the rubble proves fruitless for families who fear for their jewellery and belongings

Ten people were killed after Smruti apartments, a three-decade-old building, collapsed in Mumbra on June 21. But those who managed to escape are facing a herculean task of piecing their lives together. Hopeful that they could start afresh by reclaiming some of the valuables, which they lost in the building crash, survivors plagued the site yesterday. However, most of them returned empty-handed.

Sixty-one-year-old Mumtaz Sheikh rummages through the debris for the gold jewellery that she had made for her daughter’s wedding. PIC/ Sameer Markande

SUNDAY MiD DAY spoke to a few survivors. Sixty-one-year-old Mumtaz Shaikh Ahmed who lived on the second floor of the building with her daughter managed to escape safely. Nevertheless, she has lost all the gold ornaments which she had purchased for her daughter’s wedding. She told SMD, “I had planned to marry off my daughter this Eid and had been collecting ornaments since a very long time. Marriage is an important event and requires a lot of preparation. But now we have lost everything and our future looks bleak.”

The senior citizen’s efforts to trace the valuables in the debris proved futile. “None of my belongings are there in the rubble. I have lost all hope of getting the gold. I thought at least I would find some clothes and utensils,” added Ahmed who is presentlystaying at her relative’s home, but isn’t too sure about the future.

Harshada Bhagatsingh Borkar, 63, another woman who had been staying alone on the third floor of the building, managed to escape after a few rescuers came to her aid. She said, “Thanks to a few people who came to my rescue, I managed to escape. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of my belongings. I don’t know what to do.”  

Another crash: Now it’s Thane
the first floor portion of a four-storied building at Naupada, Thane (West) came crashing down at midnight on June 22. The building named Savitri Deep was vacant as it was in a dilapidated state. No casualties were reported. However a car, which was parked in the vicinity, was damaged.  

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