Mumbra building collapse: 40-year-old woman labourer succumbs after amputation

Apr 06, 2013, 09:55 IST | Sanika Kanekar

Among the four victims brought to state-run Sion Hospital, Gangibai Chauhan finally gave in after fighting for her life for over a day; the other three are recovering

For many labourers who were at work at the under-construction building in Mumbra which collapsed on Thursday, a regular workday turned into a nightmare within a matter of minutes. Following the rescue operations, around four victims were brought to the Lokmanya Tilak Hospital in Sion.

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Gangibai Chauhan
Grieving relatives of Gangibai Chauhan (40), who was one of the 48 dead in the Mumbra building collapse. Chauhan is survived by her husband, Raju and three children Vijay (10), Ajay (3) and Pooja (1)

One of them was 40-year-old Gangibai Chauhan, who succumbed to her injuries yesterday afternoon. Chauhan, a migrant from Rajagiri in Karnataka had come to the city for a job. He earned Rs 200 per day. Like many others, she had migrated to the city to work as a labourer at construction sites during the non-harvesting season. She lived with her family in a slum near Gaondevi Maidan in Thane.

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Chauhan was first admitted to Kalsekar Hospital and was later brought to the Lokmanya Tilak Hospital. Here, she was put on ventilator as her condition was critical. Chauhan’s right leg had to be amputated due to a crush injury. On Friday, she passed away due to septicemia.

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Chauhan’s sister-in-law Devi Rathod said, “She was working on the seventh floor of the building and the rest of us were working in another building. Some of our friends are in Shivaji Hospital at Kalwa.” At the time of the incident, Raju, Chauhan’s husband was working at a site in the vicinity and their children were playing close to the building. “We were supposed to leave for our village today. It is very unfortunate that this incident happened,” Devi’s husband, Shankar Rathod said.

Miracle workers
Nathuram Yadav (35), from Madhya Pradesh, was tiling the bathroom on the seventh floor of the Mumbra building when it caved in. Yadav found himself buried under debris up to his waist. He was rescued after more than an hour and taken to Lokmanya Tilak Hospital in an unconscious state.

Nathuram Yadav

Yadav has fractured his right leg. Baccha Prajapati (35), who is currently in the ICU of the Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, was working at the site with his brother Ballu Prajapati (34). Baccha suffered a fracture to his lower limb and had to be operated for perforations in the intestines. 

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