Munna's back in action

Apr 23, 2012, 07:25 IST | Avantika Patil

Whatever is trending today, has already been done to death two decades ago, says actor Anil Kapoor. The versatile performer who defies age every time he hits the 70 mm screen is all set to wow the audiences with his upcoming action flick.

The actor who will be seen doing some heavy duty action after six years, talks to CS about doing action films, and his favourites:

Who: Anil Kapoor
What: Talks about action in Bollywood

Dhishum dhishum
If you have seen my career graph, I have done all genres of films. But, I won’t deny the fact that some of my biggest hits have been action films like Rakhwala, Tezaab, Kishen Kanhaiya, Janbaaz and many more. All the Dabanggs and the Singhams are already done. In fact, I have worked with stunt directors like S Vijayan much earlier. But now, I am getting into new kinds of roles, which are more stylish and suave.

Action aaj kal
Now, Bollywood’s action genre is regressing instead of progressing. Old wine is just being served in a new bottle. There’s no originality in terms of films, subjects and characters. There are no pure action-films these days. It’s all masala entertainment. But hopefully, this is just a passing phase. As compared to Hollywood, we are on the county level while their action films are at the Olympic Games level.

My favourites
Action with emotional backup really makes a great impact. I love watching Sholay’s cow boy action. Not to miss Mission Impossible 4 and Tom Cruise’s mad action. I also like Godfather, even though it is more of a violent and dark film than action. Also, Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon was different as it introduced a new genre of action films – one without an emotional connect. And not to forget The Rocky series, I just love them. The series made boxing a popular sport.

Life-changing action
During the shoot of one of my first films in Bollywood, Ek Baar Kaho in 1979, I was required to run on a moving train and jump from one compartment to another. I did it, risking my life, without any safety or body double. I was young and eager to prove myself. The train was on a mountain with valleys on either side. After the shot, when I saw the rushes, I realised that the director had just shot my legs. I felt cheated. On asking for a reason, the director said that the hero in the jeep and the heroine in the train were more important. So, he would rather focus on them than a junior artist. That day, I decided to become an international star. And here I am. 

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