Murder accused Vijay Palande's bail cancelled

Feb 20, 2013, 15:37 IST | Samarth Moray

Bombay High Court today cancelled the bail granted to Vijay Palande in a 1998 case.

The Bombay High Court today cancelled the bail of alleged serial killer Vijay Palande after noting that he had "misused the discretion of the court" to commit more crimes after his release.

Palande was convicted for the murder of Anup Das and his father Swaraj Das in 1998. He then appealed to the High Court against the conviction.

Murder accused Vijay Palande's bail plea cancelled
Vijay Palande

During the pendency of the appeal, a division bench of Justices Khandeparkar and AA Sayed granted him bail in 2007 for Rs 30,000.

Advocate KM Mhatre today told the court that after his release, Palande allegedly continued attending the police station as required by the bail order. However, he later murdered actor Anuj Tiku's father Arun Tiku, along with another businessman Karan Kakkad in early 2012.

The division bench of Justices PV Hardas and am Thipsay observed, "It appears that the respondent whilst on bail, commited several offences, including two offences punishable under section 302 and one under 307. There is another offence under section 224... The discretion exercised by this court in enlarging [palande] on bail was misused. As per his own showing, he has committed four crimes. He has abused the liberty grants by the court and his bail deserves to be cancelled." 

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