Murray mania sweeps London

Jul 08, 2013, 02:11 IST | Dileep Mehta

On the day of the men's Wimbledon final, "Come on Andy", was the only chant that was going all around London.

The underground trains going towards Wimbledon were full as fans pour in to be there for England’s biggest day: Andy Murray is in the Wimbledon final for the second time and this time they are hell-bent that he end the 77-year drought since a British man won here.

An Andy Murray fan
An Andy Murray fan

Generally fans attending Wimbledon amount to over 40,000 people everyday but yesterday’s sight at Wimbledon Park was amazing. There were queues stretching on for kilometres with fans desperate to get a ticket.

Most of these fans were there to cheer for Murray, Union Jack in one hand and a water bottle in another as the temperatures are expected to soar.

The lopsided support means that Novak Djokovic will have to battle not just Murray but also thousands of fans at Centre Court.  If Djokovic does manage to beat these ‘odds’ then he deserves to be World No 1. 

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