Murray mum on Harry, 'crown jewels'

Aug 30, 2012, 15:27 IST | AFP

Tennis star Andy Murray encountered some weird questions during his hotel room stay. Read on to find out more...

Britain's Andy Murray said he has had some strange questions at his hotel while in town for the US Open, including whether or not he had seen the naked photographs of Prince Harry.

"No comment," Murray told them.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray. Photo: AFP

"Then they asked me what I thought of the 'crown jewels.'"

Murray picked up on the idea that the qustioners probably did not mean the valuable royal items found in the Tower of London.

"I said no comment," Murray said.

Harry, 27, was photographed naked with a mystery woman during a game of "strip billiards" in a Las Vegas hotel suite.

The images, first published on a US website last Wednesday, rapidly went viral and caused a furor in Britain.

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