Music composer Sachin Gupta in a legal tangle

Jun 22, 2015, 07:45 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Neighbours lodge a complaint against the composer for ill-treating his pet dog

Sachin Gupta, who is best known as the voice behind the song Tere Liye from Prince, is embroiled in a controversy yet again. Apparently, the singer/composer ill-treats his pet dog — he ties the dog in the balcony of his Juhu residence for hours together without food.

Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta

Says a source, “Sachin has a Labrador who is often spotted tied to the balcony grill irrespective of the weather. The dog barks and sometimes cries too but he doesn’t bother checking on it. So, out of concern for the dog, the neighbours have lodged a complaint against the composer.”

The neighbours have also spread the word against him on social media and it is said that the police did warn Sachin after his neighbours’ complaints. Sachin denies the allegations and says, “The police never came to my house. My dog’s name is 3D and he is happiest with me. I guess my dog enjoying the sun and rain in my Juhu home balcony at times makes them (neighbours) jealous. Rather than paying attention to other unethical activities in the neighbourhood, they are bothered about my dog. This is their way to harass me and my normal life.”

Incidentally this is not for the first time that the composer has found himself trapped in a controversy. In 2014, his wife, Sasha Agha along with her mother Salma was spotted at the Oshiwara Police station to apparently file a complaint against Sachin. However, he denied the buzz.

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