Music to heal the world

Jan 26, 2012, 09:42 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

The Traveling River Band uses music as their tool to make the world a better place

The Traveling River Band uses music as their tool to make the world a better place

Mumbai-based music outfit, The Traveling River Band, is eager to spread awareness about yet another global issue as they perform at the Melodies for Tibet. The programme has been organised by FTII Student's Body, CYDA Pune and Amplify Creative Company, in association with Students for a Free Tibet and Open Space. The event will attempt to create awareness about Tibet's social and political problems. The band comprises Rony Jose (vocals/ harmonica/ guitar), Akash Sharma (guitar/ vocals/ synthesizer), Asit Adsul (keyboards/ vocals), Jack Saha (bass/ vocals) and Manas Baruah (drums/ sample). Apart from their music, the band is also passionate about social issues. 

"We are quick to take a stand when it comes to social issues. Since music is our forte, we use it to spread awareness about things that affect us," says band member Akash Sharma. So far, the band has performed live shows to promote Go Green campaigns and blood donation drives throughout the country.

The Traveling River Band

"We love to travel a lot individually and as a band. This is why we unanimously thought of naming our group The Travelling River Band," reveals Sharma. One of the other reasons that they call themselves a river is because they perform only fresh and original compositions. 

For their upcoming performance, the band believes in 'going with the flow'. "Every day is different, every gig is different. We get on stage and decide what we will be playing according to the feel, ambience and mood at that moment," says Sharma. 

He  describes their gigs as a blend of an extended jam session with solo performances. The song that is definitely on their playlist for the day is Dusty Book Street. "The song is about an internal struggle with one's consciousness. It is open to the audience for interpretation. We believe that one must look beyond oneself and do something for the greater good. Look into your consciousness and do what is right," says Sharma. 

Another song that they are eager to put forth before the Pune audience is Starving with T Waits. "The song is pure poetry. It is an imaginary conversation with the American poet T Waits," informs Sharma. 

On January 29, 4 pm to 11.30 pm
At FTII Campus, Law College Road. 

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