Music review: Pyaas

Apr 28, 2013, 09:29 IST | Phorum Dalal

Goher Mumtaz and Shazi, members of Pakistani band, Jal speak to Phorum Dalal about their music, inspiration and their latest album Pyaas

Composer: Goher Mumtaz
Lyricist: Goher Mumtaz
Label Universal Music
Price: Rs 150
Rating **

Their first album Aadat came out in 2004, followed by Boondh in 2008. In March, Goher Mumtaz and Shazi, members of Pakistani band, Jal released Pyaas. Like the name suggests, yes, it runs high on emotions and if that reminds you of college, The first tune that came to the mind was Woh Lamhey, the popular song with Atif Aslam was part of the band.

With high hopes, we played the first track Dil Harri, which had a lot of Arabic notes and a peppy overtone. Next up was Tanhai, which unlike the name, is an upbeat track, almost celebrating the Tanhai. Impressed, we moved on to Ik Arzu, a mellow song that was received well in Coke Studio. This is a song we'd put on repeat. We were somewhat disappointed in the lead track, Pyaas, which is a clash of many instruments, and we had to lower the volume to dull the guitar. The lyrics are too mushy for our liking. The CD also has a slow and DJ version of Tanhai, which lend a different mood to the song, which make the CD worth buying.

Pyaas has come out five years after your last album Boondh. Tell us about the mood of the album?
Pyaas is the perfect reflection of all the things we feel and experience in life. Most of out songs composed during our tours in different countries. The melodies are intense, hoping to touch a chord with the listener - typical to songs that Jal has created in the past; heavy on guitar and meaningful lyrics. In songs such as Udd Janaa and Dil Haara, we have used the harmonium and Arabic instruments. The title track Pyaas and Kash Ye Pal have an orchestra. We have heavily used the tabla in
Ik Arzu.

Most of your songs are heavy on emotion. Is that a conscious effort?
We never plan any of our songs, we just go with the flow. We write two lines and compose a basic melody for the song, and follow that then till end. And isn't music the language of emotions and passion?

Where are you presently touring?
We are going to the UK next month, followed by a tour in the US. Currently, we are busy with the album launch shows.

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