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Mar 05, 2013, 23:43 IST | Aanchal Kurmi

The latest edition of Songwriter Wednesday at Swig will feature a gig by Ujjwal Raaj Sen and Pulkita Rawat who will sing compositions ranging from Fusion to Rock, Soul, R&B and Pop

From chilled beer to cocktails and an opportunity to listen to some versatile artistes, Songwriter Wednesday at Swig offers a mixed bag of experiences and swaps singers and genres every week to expose listeners to a new genre of music each time they visit.

This week’s gig, featuring Ujjwal Raaj Sen and Pulkita Rawat, is the perfect chance to sample Swig’s eclectic wares. Sen is a songwriter who believes in experimentation. Like their predecessors from Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, such as Advaita, Indian Ocean, Shantanu Moitra and Euphoria, Sen’s influences are diverse and ever-changing. He started learning the tabla at the age of five and has taught himself how to play the guitar, bass, drums and the keyboard.

Ujjwal Raaj Sen

“My compositions range from Fusion, to Rock to liquid drum and bass,” informs Sen. An audio production aficionado, he also loves recording with other live bands and programming electronic sounds. “I believe in a method of successive alliances to create new kinds of sounds and merge existing styles in the pursuit of something new,” he adds.

Pulkita Rawat, on the other hand, is trained in a few levels of Hindustani classical music and blessed with a silky, velvety voice she is set to mesmerise music buffs with songs that range between R&B to Soul and Pop. “I sing what I like. Sometimes, it’s purely the music that touches me and sometimes it’s the lyrics,” says Rawat.

Pulkita Rawat

She adds that she takes the help of her friends to set music to the words she pens. “I draw inspiration from my surroundings — the people and the experiences. The truth of a situation behind the words give them a lot of depth.”

An ardent Adele fan, Rawat plans to sing a song by her and a couple of tracks by Lady Antebellum as well. “Also, I have a couple of other artists I'd like to cover,” she states.

Apart from the covers she will be showcasing her original compositions as well. She adds that its her first gig in Pune in the two years she has been living in the city.

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