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Jul 31, 2012, 08:48 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Ayaan Ali Khan is in Mumbai today with his brother Amaan Ali Khan, for what he thinks will be one of his last concerts before he becomes papa!

That’s right, Ayaan’s wife Neema is expecting twins and the whole family, including would-be chachu Amaan are looking forward to the new arrivals. As for the older brother’s own wedding, Amaan says he would love to settle down with somebody who’s loving and caring. The talented Sarod players speak to CS about playing in Mumbai, their new projects and new relationships:

Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan
Who: Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan
What: On Mumbai audience and their musical jugalbandi

Mumbai calling
Amaan: I want to live in Mumbai! (laughs) There is much scope for entertainment here. I think people in Mumbai are very chilled out and open to new genres and concepts. There is a regard for art and culture. Performing in Mumbai is a lot of fun and I really look forward to it.
Ayaan: Mumbai is like home to me. My first concert here was in 1993 and we have shared a special relationship since then. The city has given us so much love and affection. We know that when we perform here, rest assured, the audience will always come forward to support and appreciate us.

Amaan: There’s a lot of joy and energy when I play with Ayaan. I’m fortunate that I have a younger brother, who’s my best friend, and who’s also into music. I’ve never understood the concept of sibling rivalry. When I look at Ayaan, I see my mother and father. Also, he’s a fine musician and keeps me on my toes.
Ayaan: Because we’re dear friends and not just brothers, we understand each perfectly. In fact, we’ve never rehearsed together, not even for a big show. Even when we practice, we do it individually. So on stage, there’s a certain magic, a certain spontaneity that shines through.

Future perfect
Amaan: I was in the US for the past three months with my father, teaching in Stanford. At the moment, we’re collaborating with a band from California. In September, we’ll be heading to the US for some six-seven shows. Our latest album was well-received and we’re looking forward to some good projects.
Ayaan: Our album was able to reach out to listeners and that’s what we wanted.

Amaan: I’m very open to the idea of settling down with someone who is loving, caring and understanding. People keep asking me to meet girls but I shy away from that. It’s all about meeting that special someone and once that happens, I will settle down.
Ayaan: Everyone’s excited about the twins. My parents are thrilled. I hope I’m able to be a good father because I know Neema will be a really good mother.  

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