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Feb 06, 2013, 00:01 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Singer Akriti Kakkar who is known for her numbers like Tha Kar Ke and Marjani is all set to perform at a cultural festival in South Mumbai.

The pretty singer talks to CS about SoBo, folk music and concert experiences:

Akriti Kakkar

The feel of the city
I came to Mumbai from Delhi eight years ago, and I have been living in Andheri ever since. South Mumbai has always held a different charm for me. Recently, I took a Victoria ride with my friends and it was so much fun. I love the old buildings there, reminiscent of the bygone era. Last but not the least, I always feel awestruck seeing the Gateway of India.

Folksy tunes
I have grown up on folk music. I grew up listening to Wadali Brothers, Surinder Kaur, Prakash Kaur, late Asa Singh Mastana and Noor Jehan. As a child, I used to be with Kalyanji- Anandji music troupe. So, I also got to practice in Gujarati Kutchi folk songs.

Fan connect
Once I was doing a show in Lucknow. There was a man in the crowd who was enjoying my songs. At the end, he shook hands with me and said ‘Aap toh gazab dha gayee’. I burst out laughing because he said it in the perfect UP dialect. Sometime back, I was performing at Bangalore and the crowd asked for encore after encore. At the end, I was singing Aaj Jane Ki Zidd Na Karo, Adele, Bengali numbers etc. This proves that people want to hear more than just item numbers. 

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