'My boss raped me for 2 years'

Sep 07, 2010, 08:15 IST | Imran Gowhar

Victim alleges that the rapist threatened to publish her nude photographs on the Internet if she told anyone

Victim alleges that the rapist threatened to publish her nude photographs on the Internet if she told anyone

Manager at an MNC has alleged rape and sexual exploitation against her boss who is blackmailing her with video footage to exploit her for the past two years.

The victim, Rekha  MC (name changed), working in Sandalwood Consultation Private Limited situated a few yards away from the city police commissioner's office has said that she suffered the harassment silently for two years until her family (who recently came to know about this), advised her to approach the police.

The accused, after allegedly raping Rekha, threatened to kill her husband if she complained to the office management.

Rekha said that she had joined the company as manager, legal finance in October 2008 and started working under MD Pratap S Konda, and CFO, Ajay Jalan.

"Right from day one, Jalan used to pass lewd comments and make me stay at office even after office hours.
Initially I used to ignore his comments, but when he started commenting on my sexual life, I got offended and objected to it," said Rekha. "He got wild and threatened to sack me, so I kept silent," she said in her complaint.

"On October 24, 2008,  Jalan asked me to stay back on the pretext of having a meeting.

When all the staff including the office boys left office, he called me to the chamber of the managing partner to check some water leakage. He pounced on me as soon as I entered the chamber and raped me.
I tried to resist but he overpowered me. I raised an alarm for help, but since the chamber was soundproof, my voice could not reach outside the office," she added.

"After ruining my life, Jalan fell to my feet apologising, and said he that he was sorry. 

When I told him that I will complain to the management, he threatened to kill my husband. He also said that  he had friends in high places, and no one could harm him in any way," she said.

A scared Rekha, decided to keep it as a secret and returned home on that night in an auto rickshaw to return to work the next day.

"Jalan started to use me physically and used to take me to various places including hotels and to his house to have physical relationship.
He had taken videos and pictures of me in the nude, and threatened that he would leak them on the Internet," Rekha said adding that she never revealed this to her family.

However when it continued, Rekha mustered courage to inform her family and her husband after two years , who decided to approach the police.

The Cubbon Park police have registered a case on September 5, and are investigating. "We are looking for the accused for questioning," said a police officer.

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