'My boyfriend dumped me and I might be pregnant...'

Jul 02, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I'm 25 and was in a relationship with this guy for two years. Last week he dumped me in a fit of rage.

Dear Diana,
I'm 25 and was in a relationship with this guy for two years. Last week he dumped me in a fit of rage. What if I am pregnant? I called my guy and told him about my fears and he retorted saying it's my problem and not his. I have nobody to turn to because my family and friends did not approve of him in the first place. What should I do now? I feel cheated and humiliated.
— Sanjana

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Sanjana,
You first need to test whether you are pregnant or not. There are pregnancy detection kits available at chemists or consult a doctor who can ascertain if you are indeed pregnant. Do not waste any time and get yourself examined. You are assuming you are, but you can be sure only after a medical examination. Accordingly decide your future course of action. If you are, he needs to be told and take responsibility as it is his child too. You will then have to tell your family or take help from a woman support group. If you are not, he owes you an explanation for his rash behaviour.

Dear Diana,
I recently broke up with my boyfriend. We would keep fighting and our relationship was going no where. Now it has been six months, and we are not in touch with each other. I miss him. I feel like calling him and sending him a SMS, but I do not know if he will respond. I feel I still love him. As we would keep fighting, I had suggested that we take time off each other.
— Juhi

Dear Juhi,
It looks like you have not yet recovered from your break up. You have not yet moved on in life as you still care for him. If you want to have him back, you will have to win him back. He might play tough as you had suggested the split, but if you are keen to have him in your life, you will have to work on building the relationship again.

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