'My boyfriend has started abusing me in public'

Mar 26, 2013, 00:36 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I am 24 and dating a guy of the same age. We met each other six months ago and we've been spending a lot of time together.

We’ve had our share of differences in terms of views and lifestyle but the situation has taken a turn for the worse lately. He has been abusing me all of a sudden and that too in public places — like in a cinema hall or inside a mall. The verbal taunts are taking a toll on my mind. I feel like getting out of the relationship but I don’t want to jump at a conclusion. What do I do?
— Annapurna

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Annapurna,
What a confused soul you are! You say your guy is verbally abusing you. So why are you taking it? You have been with him for only six months and he has shown you your true colours. It is better to dump him and walk away before you take the relationship to the next level. I fail to understand what is stoping you from taking a decision. Act fast before things get out of hand.

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