'My boyfriend is worried about my mood swings...'

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Though my boyfriend loves me a lot, he is worried for me. He feels that my constant mood swings is affecting our relationship

Dear Diana,
Though my boyfriend loves me a lot, he is worried for me. He feels that my constant mood swings is affecting our relationship. I do not see anything wrong with me, but he tells me suddenly I turn hostile and at times I am passive, so he has no clue how I will behave where and when. I feel that I am a highly emotional person. My pals have earlier told me that I perhaps suffer from a disorder due to my serious mood swings. One friend also told me that it could be due to depression and I need to see a doctor. Initially, I thought they were just pulling my leg. But I don't know how to go to the doctor without feeling too awkward. I feel I am fine and do not need help. Just because I react to things and get upset about things for days, does it mean that I have mood swing issues? They are behaving as if I am going insane.
— Juhi

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Juhi,
A mood swing is a rapid change in behaviour and can prove to be a disruptive force in daily life. There is no harm in seeing a doctor to put any fears to rest. Perhaps you get so carried away that you do not realise how berserk you get. It is the person who is at the receiving end that bears the brunt. Most people's mood swings remain in the mild to moderate range of emotional ups and downs, but when it is continuous, it can extend over several days and even weeks. This causes rapid alternation between feelings of depression and euphoria. Ask yourself these questions — is your behaviour affecting your sleep pattern, self-esteem and concentration? If it is, then you need medical help. Meanwhile listen to what your boyfriend is telling you. He is saying so because he loves and cares for you. He is concerned about you and your well being. So do not make things difficult for him when he is extending a helping hand for your betterment.

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