'My boyfriend likes to flirt with other girls'

May 17, 2013, 00:01 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, My boyfriend has an outgoing personality. He's always the life of a party. He never tires of talking and once he gets started there is no stopping him.

Due to his friendly nature, the other girls love to flirt with him. And he flirts back because he feels he has to be nice to them. How do I get over my jealousy when he is flirting with the other girls?
— Sharmili

Dear Sharmili,
What you need is an open communication. Tell him how his behaviour makes you feel insecure at times. As long as he does not cross the limit there should not be a problem. Everyone is different and we all have our limits and he needs to respect you. Yes, there is the occasional innocent flirt, but an untrustworthy guy isn’t worth getting worked up about. You have all the right to tell your guy that what he does is not cool.

Diana will solve it!
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