My boyfriend wants to film us in bed

Jun 13, 2012, 06:34 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I'm in love with a colleague and after months of courtship, I allowed him to get physical with me.

But he’s making weird demands — he wants to photograph us indulging in the act. He even told me that it’d be a great idea to film us on his cell phone while we are at it! I was shocked by his suggestions because he doesn’t come across as the kind of person who’d even think of capturing such private moments on camera or on camcorder. I told him straightforward that I find it rather unnecessary as well as stupid to be party to something that could be an embarrassment in future.
— Rishita

Dear Rishita,
You are absolutely right to stop him. He cannot film you in the act. The sexual act is the most private of all — the one area of life that is off limits to others. By filming it or capturing it on cell phone, you are making public the private moment. Today you are in love, but you don’t know what tomorrow brings. That guy may make it a MMS and send it to his pals. What will you then do? Put your foot down and tell him you don’t want to be a party to all this. Also, it is weird of him to make such a suggestion. What is on his mind? He wants to see you in the act too! That’s really odd. Hope this guy is not a voyeur who also loves to see porn. You need to speak to him and ask him outright what is on his mind. 

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