My brother is needlessly nasty to my boyfriend

Updated: Oct 13, 2018, 10:06 IST | Dr Love

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My brother is needlessly nasty to my boyfriend

Dr. LoveMy brother has a serious problem with my boyfriend. He doesn't like him, for reasons that make no sense to me. My boyfriend has been very kind and patient in the face of this hostility, but I just don't understand why my brother feels the need to behave in this manner. I have asked them both to try and get along, for my sake, because it's important to me, but my brother still feels as if he has a right to be rude and nasty. If he were to tell me what the problem is, I could try and find a way for the two of them to get along, but he doesn't even want to give my boyfriend a chance. I would never behave like this with someone he was in a relationship with, so I don't feel like forgiving him for this. What do you suggest I do?
There's nothing much you can do. You have tried to find a way, spoken to him about it, given him an opportunity to explain, and he has turned them all down. Your boyfriend has been gracious about it, which is nice, but there's not much he can do either. Family members sometimes have unusual ways of showing that they care. Whether he doesn't like your boyfriend out of a misplaced sense of who he thinks you should be dating is a whole other issue, but it probably makes sense to let him feel the way he does and carry on with your life until he finds a way of coming to terms with it in his own time.

What is the best way for me to convince my girlfriend that she spends more money on eating out than she should? We don't have any issues, but her spending bothers me.
It's obvious that you do have a problem. Financial issues can lead to serious disagreements, so the sooner you tell her how you feel in a straightforward manner, the better it will be for your relationship.

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