My career is at stake: Arthi Puri

Jun 03, 2014, 12:49 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Instead of taking care of actress Arthi Puri’s medical expenses after her freak accident on the sets, this music company is said to have replaced her

Arthi Puri, who played Trishna in Madhubala, was recently shooting an ad for a mobile application that is yet to be launched. The ad was shot a couple of months ago by HMV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and it starred her and Anu Kapoor.

Arthi Puri
Arthi Puri

Arthi recollects that on the the first day of the shoot, she met with an accident. “The index finger of my left hand got trapped between the entry and the door and it got cut, after which I fainted. My make up artiste, along with a team member, then took me to a doctor, who said that he could only stop the bleeding. I then returned to the set.”

Later on, the actress was advised to undergo immediate surgery. “After my first surgery, I got an infection, so I had to go for another. It has been three months and I have spent Rs 5 lakh so far. All this while, the production house didn’t even call to check if I am fine. They have, in fact, replaced me in the video without informing me,” she says.

Arthi also points out that since she has not signed any contract with the production house, she cannot take any legal action. “They told me that they will give me the contract papers to sign but it didn’t happen. Thankfully, I could afford the expenses. But a part of my finger has been chopped off and I have to live with it. My career is at stake,” she says.

Adarsh Gupta from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, says that a team members had accompanied her to the doctor. “We are ready to pay her medical bills but she has vanished from the scene. If she has not contacted us, we can’t do anything. We’re shooting with a new girl, but I can’t say who it is right now.”

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