'My classmate has fallen for me...'

Sep 12, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I am doing my final year of engineering. Last year, I became friendly with one of my classmates

Dear Diana,
I am doing my final year of engineering. Last year, I became friendly with one of my classmates. It began when the two of us got together to host a party at the end of the semester. As we had not given a birthday treat, the other classmates forced us to throw a bash. During the planning phase, we went around a lot organising the event — from hiring the party hall to the caterer and sending out the invites. Ever since we hit it off well. She then started helping me with class notes, writing my presentations and keeping me informed about what’s happening in class when I was not around. She has already confessed to one of our classmates that she has fallen for me. She says she has never experienced such a feeling before. I am scared as I feel she wants to control me. I do not know how to react as she seems to be overdoing stuff for me.
— Dhiren

Dear Dhiren,
She may have confessed that she has fallen for you, but you seem to be unsure. You appear to be in no mood for love and romance at this juncture. Initially, as she was helping you with your class work, you thought is was a good deal. But you were not prepared for what followed when she began showering her affections. Let her remain a special friend for now. For the time being, as your studies are a priority, romance can take a backseat. Instead of being scared about this girl, tell her that you want to devote your time to studies. Explain to her what your priorities are at the moment. I am sure she will understand. Your classmates seem to be filling in your ears, but ultimately you have to decide. She appears to be a nice, caring girl, so let her remain a special friend for now.

Diana will solve it!
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