'My daughter's guy drops in late night...'

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My daughter has been open about her boyfriend. She has not kept anything hidden from me and tells me when she is out with him...

Dear Diana,
My daughter has been open about her boyfriend. She has not kept anything hidden from me and tells me when she is out with him. They met during their college days and have been together ever since. Right now, my daughter says she is not thinking about the future. They are both 25. But what is of concern to me is that he has, of late, started dropping in at home late nights. He used to often drop in, but mostly on Sundays when it was his day off. They sit watching TV together late night. At most times, I fall asleep, so I have no clue when he leaves. I have had a conversation with my daughter and she says my fears are unwarranted. She keeps reminding me that there is nothing to fear about. I feel very uneasy when he is around with her late night. Should I tell her not to drop in late in the night?
— Ramola

Illustration/ Uday Mohite

Dear Ramola,
If your daughter has been honest with you, there is no need to worry. As they are both at work, the only time they get to be together is late evening. So, instead of hanging out late night, they prefer to watch TV sitting at home. I think you should let them be. If it is of concern to you, you should talk to her. You fear about what the two are up to late night when you go off to sleep. Your fears are unwarranted. How do you know what your daughter is up to when she is hanging out with him? It is clear that she has nothing to hide — that's the reason she is inviting him over. If she wanted to go astray, she would not have called her guy home knowing fully well that you are keeping a watchful eye. I suggest you take a chill pill. By this attitude, you are only creating unnecessary problems between you and your daughter.

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First Published: 12 December, 2015 06:00 IST

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