'My estranged wife is not allowing me to meet our kid...'

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My wife and I don't get along. Of late, we have been fighting constantly over silly things

Dear Diana,
My wife and I don't get along. Of late, we have been fighting constantly over silly things. Our son is almost three. She has gone back to stay at her mother's home. I agreed that we take time off each other. I felt that staying apart for a while would enable us to take stock of the situation and reconcile our differences so that we could start afresh. But her attitude towards me has drastically changed. She is not allowing me to meet and spend time with our son. As all his stuff is at home, I am constantly reminded about him. Her change in behaviour has come as a huge shock to me. I feel her mother is misguiding her. I have explained to them that I do not have anything against her. But her mother is hellbent on poisoning her mind against me. Now I feel lost and our kid is caught in the crossfire.
— Pavan

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Pavan,
You need to talk to your wife and not your mother-in-law. You have to make her understand that this was a mutual agreement that you got into so that both of you could sort out your differences. But your plan seems to have backfired. If you feel you have acted difficult or your wife has, it is better that you forget and forgive. Her mother is making life more hell for you so in that case it is better that your wife goes home with you. Tell her that as your son is now three, it is important that he have his parents around. Also, remember if you want to start afresh, do not keep going back to whatever happened in the past. The issue is now becoming an ego trip, so let go off the differences. Your constant squabbling will do no good, instead make a pact with your wife to begin anew.

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