My ex-flame is seeing my best friend

Published: 01 November, 2012 06:25 IST | Dear Diana |

Dear Diana, I broke up with my boyfriend after being with him for three years. I thought it was a wise decision as we didn't get along well.

We also believed that both of us would move on with our respective lives. Now, my ex has started dating my friend from school. She knows that I was going out with him so I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I want to get hold of her and tell her that he’s just playing games with her. What else can explain this sudden shift from his equation with not only me but also my best buddy? I’m so messed up.
— Yukta

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Yukta,
My dear girl, why cry over spilt milk? It was your decision to break up and go your way. So let him be now — he can date anyone he fancies. You are agitated as he is with your best buddy. But you have no right to berate her or give her a piece of your mind for doing so. She hooked up with him only after you had decided to split with him. You thought it was a wise decision to call off the relationship, so now be wise and bear the consequences. Why are you keeping tabs on him still? You first need to move on in life. This is what you wanted and you achieved it. The scenario cannot change. 

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