'My ex is giving me a hard time with her moods'

May 02, 2013, 23:57 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I had an affair with an office colleague. After almost a year of being together, she suddenly wanted to end it.

So we decided to take a break from each other. It has been three months now. I have not spoken or met her since. But from last week she has been messaging me regularly asking “How I was doing” and if “I was over her”. I spoke about getting back together again. But she avoided the question. I am confused. Wonder what is going on in her mind?
— Seemaab

Dear Seemaab,
This girl appears to be all messed up in her head. First of all, she tells you she wants to call it quits. Then she starts SMSing you to check if you are missing her! You need to clearly sit with her and sort it out. She cannot be playing on your emotions by asking you if you miss her. It appears that she has the ability to switch on and switch off when it suits her. She does not take into mind the emotional upheaval that goes on within you after reading her SMSes. Stop being used according to her whims and fancies. Either she is with you or not. Tell her to take a decision.

Diana will solve it!
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