My ex-hubby has hooked up with my friend...

Aug 29, 2015, 07:47 IST | Dear Diana

I got married when I was 21 and by 25 I was divorced. We were too young and immature

Dear Diana,
I got married when I was 21 and by 25 I was divorced. We were too young and immature. We would keep squabbling and felt it was better to move on with our respective lives. Now, my former husband is in a relationship with my friend from school. He got to know her because of me and now they have hooked up behind my back. This is upsetting me a great deal. I want to tell my pal that he’s just whiling away time with her and he will dump her. What else can explain this sudden affections for a chidlhood friend of mine? He could have found someone else. Why did he need to hook up with one of my pals? I’m so messed up. I have stopped talking to my friend ever since I learnt about them being a twosome.
— Roshni

Dear Roshni,
Your ex-hubby has hooked up with your friend after the divorce. So you cannot stop him from seeing anyone. He is single again and free to be in a relationship with any woman he fancies. So just let him be. You are upset as he is with your best buddy. At the same time, you also have no right to berate your friend or give her a piece of your mind for doing so. She hooked up with him only after you divorced him. It was not that they were having a scene behind your back. As he knew her because of you, he could have been drawn to her. Also, why are you still keeping tabs on your ex hubby? You certainly need to move on in life as he has. Get going in your life instead of fretting and fuming about who your ex husband is with. That is of no concern now as you are no longer his wife — you are his past so let him enjoy the present.

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