'My ex says he's still in love with me...'

Oct 28, 2014, 06:46 IST | Dear Diana

I'm 33 and single. Six years ago, I was in a relationship. We broke off due to constant arguments and ego issues...

Dear Diana,
I'm 33 and single. Six years ago, I was in a relationship. We broke off due to constant arguments and ego issues. Ever since the split three years ago, I have been single. I had heard that he was seeing someone, but never bothered to find out who she was. I had completely moved on. Last month out of the blue, my ex called me saying that he wanted to meet me to seek closure. He said he still had feelings for me. I agreed to meet him. It was as if we began from where we had left off. We were extremely comfortable. One meeting led to another. It made me happy and excited while he started to get serious yet again. He now calls me several times in a day. He tells me he has always loved me and cannot imagine being away from me now. I'm just not sure if I can be tied down so quickly. Do I give the relationship a second chance? I am confused. He is currently single and we are of the same age.
— Irma


Dear Irma,
First of all you need to clear your muddled mind. Do you want to be with him or not? Ask yourself this question. Once you have made up your mind, then accordingly go about it. If you have developed feelings for him again, then you can start anew with him. Whatever happened in the past, forget and forgive. If you want to move ahead, there is no point pondering over what went wrong in the relationship in the past. It is clear that this guy was pining for you. It must have taken him a while to even pick up the phone and dial your number not knowing how you would react. You are 33 so it is time you decide where you see yourself a few years down the line. If things are working out this time, you might as well go with it. Give love a second chance, may be it will work out this time.

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