My father was not eccentric, says Amit Kumar

May 07, 2012, 08:30 IST | Abhitash Singh

Amit Kumar on the impending biopic on his late father Kishore Kumar and why he doesn't want to sing for Bollywood anymore

Unlike his music maestro father, Kishore Kumar, the 59-year-old Amit Kumar does not want to sing for Bollywood films anymore. Instead, he is happy creating music for his personal albums within the cosy confines of his home.

Eight months ago, when filmmaker Anurag Basu sent his assistant to meet Amit regarding a biopic on his father, he approved the script, but made it clear that he only liked the beginning and the end of it. The singer talks to HitList about Ranbir Kapoor playing the legendary singer and why he believes Kishore Kumar was not eccentric.

What’s happening with the biopic on Kishore Kumar?
Anurag Basu’s assistant met me eight months ago with the script. Basu wasn’t present at the meeting. Even Leena Chandavarkar (Kishore’s fourth wife) was not feeling well so I went through the script and approved it. I liked only the beginning and the end. My father was no Tom, Dick or Harry and that is the reason his biopic can’t be made in just one meeting. The production team will be able to tell when exactly the film will be released.

Apart from being talented, your father was an eccentric person...
He was not an eccentric person. The media labelled him like that. He was a great artiste, a very simple man and humble. Even if he was eccentric, it was not wrong because my daddy always used to say ‘Duniya kehta main pagal aur main bolta duniya pagal’.

Is it true that you were keen to sing a song in this film?
No, it’s not true. Anurag wanted me to sing but I rejected the offer. I don’t feel like singing for any film. The new generation of singers should get a chance to sing.

Ranbir Kapoor is slated to play Kishore Kumar. How do you feel about it?
Great. He is a very talented actor. 

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