My first single will be coming out soon: Meiyang Chang

Feb 20, 2013, 10:54 IST | deepali dhingra

Although he started his career from a singing reality show, recordings took a backseat as Meiyang Chang decided to focus on hosting shows and acting in films.

But now, Chang’s coming out with his first single and he’s pretty kicked about it. “In the long run, I see myself doing all three things. I want to act, host and sing,” says Chang. In a chat with CS, this multi-faceted guy talks about getting back behind the mic and why it took him this long in doing so:

Promotional Feature/Editor: Janhavi Samant

On a song
My first single will be coming out soon. It’s a song called ‘Kuch dino se’ and it’s a sort of philosophical take on life without being too preachy. It’s something on the lines of what goes through a person’s life when life becomes mundane, but then something comes and changes your life for the better. It’s a soft breezy song. I’ve never restrained myself while singing but I was really restrained while singing this one. At times I feel I’ve whispered the song but I go with the conviction of my director. He feels this was the kind of song that is needed now.

The right time
I came from a dental background with no connection to the world of camera. I got distracted and a little starry-eyed too. Fortunately, I was getting all good projects. I did a film, hosted a season of IPL and some TV shows. I thought people know me as a singer, and since I have put one foot each in TV and films, they should be my prime focus. Also, I’m a very self-critical person. When you’re doing music, for the first couple of years, it’s a very individualistic effort. There, you don’t get to know your limitations. When I started hanging out with my musician friends, I realised there is still a long way to go. If I have to do something, I have to be good at it. So I have been practicing and taking a lot of tips from my friends. I’m not a perfectionist, but I have to be prepared. I don’t want to waste my and someone else’s time.

Juggling act
I have been asked a lot of times why I’m doing so many things. I feel that because I was doing dentistry for so long, that I’m starting pretty late in this industry. I want to do as many things as possible. Earlier, it was about excelling in one field but I think ambitions and targets have changed now. All of us want to make the most of what we’re capable of and it’s not only about making the most of it, but challenging yourself as well. We have to push our own limits. That’s what’s making it more interesting and also more competetive. There are many multi-taskers in the industry. And if we are capable of multi-tasking, then why not. You have one life after all.  

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