My friend's ex is interested in me

Jan 28, 2013, 09:30 IST | Diana

I'm a 29-year-old woman and I recently got a mail from a guy

Dear Diana,
He broke up with my best friend about three years ago. He told me that he likes me a lot and asked me whether I’m still single. Apparently, he had a thing for me the whole time he was with my friend. Though I didn’t mention it to him, but I shared a mutual liking for him too. I didn’t want to create problems for my friend, so I stayed away. Now I find myself in a twist on whether I should go ahead and start a relationship with him. Please advise.
— Unmiya

Dear Unmiya,
You sure are in a tricky situation. You want to hook up with a guy who is your best friend’s ex. Your friend will get upset if you forge a relationship with him. Would you not be if your former love and buddy became a couple? He says he liked you. Also you too had feelings for him. So then why on earth did he go around with this friend of yours? He could have called it quits there and then, instead of trying to get in touch with you three years after he broke off with his girl. I feel as he could not find anyone else, he now wants to hook up with you. So tread with caution. 

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