'My friend is warning me against this guy...'

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I met this guy through a common friend at a party. We got along well and started texting each other...

Dear Diana,
I met this guy through a common friend at a party. We got along well and started texting each other. Within two weeks we began hanging out together on weekends. I am comfortable with him and get along well with him. My pal who introduced me to him, however, has warned me about him. She says he has a reputation of being a casanova. I feel he likes me. He has told me that he values my friendship and finds me special. He seems genuine to me and I just can't wait for our next meeting. At the same time, my pal is constantly reminding me about his character. I don't want to put out with this guy if he's going be a jerk afterwards. I'm not after a relationship from him, but I don't want to be used either. Should I believe my pal or this guy? I am confused.
— Amaira

Illusration/Amit Bandre
Illusration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Amaira,
You seem to have fallen in love with this guy, but at the same time it is too early to tell what's playing on his mind. Your friend is warning you against him because she knows him well. Remember he was her friend first. Your pal cares for you and feels that you deserve better. She is letting you know that he is a casanova because you seem to be going too fast on his front. Your friend has known this guy for years and has seen how he is. In such a situation it is better to back off, unless you can try and communicate to him about his reputation that goes with him. He may be genuine in his feelings towards you and wants to turn over a new leaf. So instead of deliberating over his intentions, speak to him. As there is the comfort factor by now, it will be easy to ask him.

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