'My friend's sister is still sexually active at 61'

Mar 15, 2014, 15:36 IST | Dr Prakash Kothari and Rachna Kothari

Clinical sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari and Counseling Psychologist Rachna Kothari answer your sex-related queries

Q. My friend’s sister, she is 61 and reached menopause more than 10 years back. But she still claims that she craves for sex every night and enjoys it thoroughly! Is it really possible at that age to enjoy sex?
— Craving
A. “Menopause marks the end of women’s sexuality” is a misconception! Menopause merely marks the end of a woman’s reproductive career and not the sexual career, which continues up to the end of her biological life. The view ‘No sex after sixty’ needs to be changed. Sexuality is as important for the older set as it is for the jet set. Men and women can continue to remain sexually active till the last day of their lives, provided they are in sound physical and no psychogenic blocking. Sex has no expiry date!

Q. I am 18 and sexually active. However I don’t believe in random men. After my breakup with my boyfriend I feel sexually deprived. I would like to use a vibrator. Could you give some basic info? Which is the best kind of vibrator?
— Lonely
A. Before using the vibrator one must clean the vibrator. The use of your vibrator should be exclusively for you. Turn on the vibrator at a low speed and try to use it with a light touch on the private parts which arouse you the most. Fantasize and experience the high and flow with fantasy. To maximize your response, you may increase the speed. There are varieties of battery-operated models available which have multiple speed and attachments. However, one must not forget that at times even a finger could prove to be the best vibrator!

Q. What in your opinion is the best aphrodisiac?
— No name
A. The best and natural aphrodisiac is an attractive, affectionate and understanding partner passionately asking to be enjoyed. The ideal aphrodisiac still eludes us, but the quest for it continues, as hope springs eternal. According to Masters and Johnson, “An interesting and interested partner is the best aphrodisiac!”

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