'My girlfriend always gets angry...'

Oct 13, 2014, 06:32 IST | Dear Diana

My girlfriend flares up at the drop of a hat. You never really know when she will blow up and create a scene

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend flares up at the drop of a hat. You never really know when she will blow up and create a scene. So it is difficult to stay on the right side of her. I have tried to make her realise it, but she is adamant. On most occasions when we are together, we end up fighting and squabbling. Should I break off with her?
— Ranjit

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Ranjit,
Your girl has anger management issues. Anger is a natural response which allows us to fight and defend ourselves when we feel threatened or under attack. A certain amount of anger is okay, but your girlfriend has a problem. She is lashing out at every thing or person that irritates or annoys her. It is clear that it is affecting your relationship. You cannot always be patient with her. When she is not fuming, explain to her that her constant angry outbursts does no good to anyone. By doing so, she is distancing herself from others. It will also affect her health in the long run. If you think she needs help, seek counselling. Accordingly you need to take stock of the situation and decide if you want to be at the receiving end of her outbursts. If not, it is better you steer clear and call off the relationship before things get messy because of her anger. 

Dear Diana,
I find my neighbour attractive. I want to be friends with him. What should I do? We live on the same floor, but barely talk.
— Nayantara

Dear Nayantara,
You have several factors in common as you live on the same floor. You can get introduced to him through other neighbours who know him. If you share the same set of househelps and doorstep delivery guys, you can always get talking on the pretext of inquiring about them or about building issues. From then on it will be easier to strike a conversation next time you see him.

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