My girlfriend detests my family

Aug 15, 2012, 11:32 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I am 26 and in a relationship with a girl for the last four years. Our folks are aware about it.

My problem is that since the past year ever since we have begun discussing about our marriage, she has become more and more intolerable towards my family. She finds everything wrong with them as well as my siblings. Her favourite past time is to criticise them. As a result, things are souring between us. I’m now having second thoughts whether I should go ahead and keep my promise of marrying her or just snap out of this relationship.
— Balraj

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Balraj
It is obvious that as you have begun talking about marriage, she has gone off on a tangent. Now the thought that she will have to stay with them and interact with them daily has sunk in. So she has embarked on a fault finding trip. If she continues behaving like this, things will definitely be bad for both of you. I suggest you talk to her and find out more about the sudden shift in her behaviour. Your folks will be her family, too, and if she has already developed this disdain for them from now, the marriage will not at all be smooth sailing. 

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