'My girlfriend has suddenly turned abusive...'

Apr 01, 2014, 06:03 IST | Dear Diana

My girlfriend is getting more and more abusive. She starts yelling and uses foul language at all times

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend is getting more and more abusive. She starts yelling and uses foul language at all times. She has been threatening me of physical abuse. Everything was going good and now suddenly she is a changed woman. Why is she behaving like this?
— Ulkesh

Dear Diana 

Dear Ulkesh,
Why are you taking all this? Walk out of the relationship as she has no respect for you and your feelings. Maybe she has found someone else, so she has turned abusive as she wants you out. Or it could be that there is something troubling her. If she is willing to talk and tell you the reason, hear her out before taking a decision.

Dear Diana,
I am an 18-year-old girl who's good at studies. I'm under immense pressure to excel at the engineering entrance exams. To top it all, I have the most annoying tuition teacher. He keeps pushing me and overburdens me saying that I should get a high score in the entrance exams. All this is talking a toll on my health. Also, there's a boy in our tuition class who says he likes me. What do I tell him?
— Saumya

Dear Saumya,
Too much is happening in your life, so clear your muddled mind. Entrance exams determine your admission to an engineering college. If you want admission in a good college, you need a high score. Your tuition teacher is pushing you because he knows that you are capable of cracking it. As they say no pain, no gain. You need to prepare well by studying hard now. Remember you have a long vacation ahead. As for that boy in your class, are you interested in him? If yes, be his friend. If not, tell him that you want no distraction for now and want to concentrate on studying for the entrance exams.

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