'My girlfriend is acting weird...'

Aug 07, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I have been with my girlfriend for three years. Of late, however, she is behaving odd

Dear Diana,
I have been with my girlfriend for three years. Of late, however, she is behaving odd. She has been making life difficult for me. She has been lying to me about her whereabouts. She says she is busy at work in the office, but when I call her, I hear traffic noise. She then tells me she has just stepped out to grab a bite. Once when I had called her, I could hear lots of music as if she was in a cinema hall, but she said the car stereo was in full blast. I think there is someone else in her life. She is also constantly messaging and talking on the cell phone. I feel she does not care for me anymore. When I ask her about it, she gives evasive replies. I feel I should go my way. I like her, but she just does not care for me. She does not know what is going on in my mind, so I don't even know how to explain to her the agony she is causing me. Should I just get out of this relationship and let her live her life?
— Milind


Dear Milind,
Your girlfriend does not care about you, so why are you still sticking around? It is strange that you don't know how to tell her that she is causing you immense pain. You are heartbroken while she continues to be on her trip. Instead of telling her to lay off, you are quietly bearing her outrageous behaviour. Why are you suffering in silence? Speak up and tell her exactly how you feel. Did she bother to think how you would feel all this while? She may have another guy on the scene if her behaviour is any indication. This could be the reason she has been lying to you. It's time you took a stand and tell her that she is making life hell for you. You are well aware that her behaviour is deplorable and that you don't like it. If she cares for you, she will stop. But she is in no mood to. So get the hint and get going. You may be serious about the relationship and really care for her, but this girl does not deserve your love.

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