'My girlfriend is cheating on me...'

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I have been confronting my girlfriend on several occasions because I know something is amiss. I can tell from her behaviour

Dear Diana,
I have been confronting my girlfriend on several occasions because I know something is amiss. I can tell from her behaviour. But she simply accuses me of being paranoid. Things are not the same as before. She laughs at whatever I say. But after weeks of mental games, she has now admitted that there is someone else on the scene. She says they have been only going out for coffee. At the same time she says, she is unsure about him and wants us to rekindle our relationship. I have agreed to this as I am willing to give my 100 per cent. I think it’s a shame to throw away the last five years due to a lack of communication. She says she went astray as he showered her with attention while I did not. She felt he cared for her more than I do. I really want us to be together. Why can’t she be honest and forthright like me?
- Shantanu

Illustrations/Amit Bandre
Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Dear Shantanu,
First of all you need to take a decision on the relationship. Your girlfriend has been telling you all sorts of things and you are a fool to believe her. This girl is not to be trusted. She goes astray and then instead of making amends blames you for her doing. You need to stop playing second fiddle to her and taking nonsense from her. It’s time you stand up and made your voice heard. What if you had been hanging out with another woman? She would have definitely not taken it kindly and kicked up a storm. You are turning a blind eye to what she is doing and are ready to forgive and forget. You need to tell her that she has to choose. She can’t be of a wavering mind and go with this guy because she feels that you are not showering her with attention. At the same time she wants to be with you and start afresh. Sit down and talk things out. In a relationship both are equal, but in your case the girl is taking you for a ride.

Diana will solve it!
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